2023 ScreenCraft Animation Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on August 31, 2023

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2023 ScreenCraft Animation Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on October 4th on our blog and on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

A Brooklyn Squirrel Ayindè Howell
A Farm Upstate Kevin Luperchio, Chris Nicoletti
A Thanksgiving Tradition Casey Hagaman
A toothbrush story Rodrigo Figueiredo
Abby and Stella Sam Robotham
Abraham Melissa Hope
Adventures in Woolytown Chirine Alameddine
Advertising the Musical Dan Fried
Afterlife in the Sierra Nevada Hotel Samual Darlington
Albert Joshua Young
All We Are Cameron Harbison
Almost Extinct - Only Stink to Drink Kim Linnett
American Monsters Noah Jorgensen, Nolan Watt
An Intruder In The Termite Hill PAULO ROBERTO DA SILVA
Apopalypse Nicolette Groome
Athor Brian Streaty, Paul Rose
B Team Michael Cohen, Bill DeMeritt
Barking Robert Ian Simpson
Barnabus O'Hooligan Allison Dressler Losq, Andrew Losq
Betta Sorority: Rush Week Sarah Fishel
Bigger the Better Robin D. Albert
Birth of the Fae: Locked out of Heaven Danielle M. Orsino
Blinky Allan Roberts
Blinky Allan Roberts
Boil the Ocean MATT LINTON
Brian & Brains Nathaniel Moher
Bright Blue - Pilot Mary McGloin
Bunny Hill Max Rissman
Camp Havasu Kyle Butenhoff
Carlton's Cosmos Ethan Scott
Carrier Pigeon Graham Nelson
Cat Cul-de-sac Ricardo Vera, Vanessa Zarate
Cat, Dawg and Dalton Genine Tillotson, Robert Tremblay
Chronic Town Bill Zide
Cold-blooded Ariel Hartzman
Coming Home Hadley Rose
Console Christopher Pennington
Critical Aidan Kilpatrick
CROAK Issac Nunez
Crystallis Sergio Pintore, Daryl D. Well
Da Doo Waas Movie Lee Kitchen
Damsel Dash Adrien Callahan
Damsel on a Quest Jocelyn Manns, Ryan Manns
Damsels and Dragons avery koenig
Darcy Delane :Pet Psychic Wendy Braff
Dead Arm Andrew Luft
Deadpool: Merc For Hire, Episode One: "No More Heroes." Matthew Sandage
Deductibles and Dragons Duncan Carr, Jake Gillespie
Detective Gizmo Zeke Nelson, Mark Nelson
Don't Quit Your Day Job Anthony Maccio
Ducked Out Sarah Eaglesfield
Eat the Rich! Ben Shiplett
Escape from Pet Heaven avery koenig
Exiles Mahonri Stewart
Fairy Lost Jennifer Wilton
Fighting Felines Devon Villacampa
Five Mile Charlie Anthony Guilianti
Fixer and Law Sam Tracton
Floe Russ Eisenman, Paul Wood
Flutter Terry Mitchell
From the Stars Kevin Smithers
Fruitopia Jessica Tang
Gauntlet Girl Brett Melnick, Levi Prewitt
Ghost Town Felix van Kann
Ghosted... Jackson Groom
Gift of a Heart Contained Vanisha Sumboo
Girl Overboard Sharon Allbright
Glory Glory Ethan Judelson
Going Commando Adam Hopwood
Gold Diggers Danny Hogan
Grand Jesters Merlin Senthil
Gristle Heidi Hornbacher
Hallows Eve High Ryan Johnston
Hammed Aleah Welsh
Harold's Comic Shop Jason Ryan
Hoop God Kelton Arcado, Connor Cooper
How to Be a Robot Yameen Hameed
I'm sorry I missed you Ethan Rogers
Ill Technique G.B. LEM
Imaginary Friends Bryce Berkowitz
In the Wings Marty Johnson
Infinite - An Animated Odyssey Bruna Fachetti
Into Space Nick Kruysifix
Inventure Joshua Jashinski
Iridium Seti Jakada
It's A Wonderful [After]Life Megan Sass
Itch mike Addiego
Jenkins and Watts: Paranormal Attorneys At Law Michael Brennan
Jesus Christ: High School Dropout Antonio Saenz
Kaltera Will Kisor, Gage Swanston
King of Blades Paul Hikari
Kooky Spooky Marfa Andres J Rovira
Lacie in the Wonderverse Michael Ierulli
Left On Base Kyle Davidson, William Stefancic
Legitimate Brittnay Johnston
Limbo Tom Welch
Little Pawn Shop of Horrors Aidan Kilpatrick
Little Red Rooster Diana Shoykhet
Mata Mapi Line Abrahamian
Mating Life Elliot Sokolsky
Max'd Out Jesse Lucks
MECCA Jeremy Gay
Meredith Sing! Camilo Franchesco Angelo Verastegui
Mokabi Hunter Charlotte Zielinski
Nancy Alexandria Smith
Nazareth High Randy Steinlauf
Nebula Prep Christopher Pennison
New Earth Devon Sharma
Nielheim Pilot Elyssa Catalfano
Normal Ave. Jana Henson
Not Even a Mouse Macklen Makhloghi
Offspring Hannah Silverman
Oh, Give Me a Home Kate McCusker
Out of This World Jeremy Pick
Pakaderm Battles Daniel Williams
Picture It Donald Schaffer
Poe & Co. Detective Agency Mindy Strouse
Porcupine David Hunter Fein
Power Couple Ari Donnelly
Qubit Darren Moran
Rabbit Hole Laurie Hartung
Raindrops Kelly Abbott
Ravenheart Sean Monahan, Scott Hennelly
Rebuilding Reedley Natalie DeJohn
Rottenburgerfield Myles Hewette
Samurai Squad Nat McCall
Santaman: Re-Gifted Colin O'Brien
Scary Fairy Scanlon Allison
Sergio's Dream Grayce Presnar
Shentu Across the Ages Allen Wu
Shine Catherine Gouge
Solutions Limited Jared Jeffries, Peyton Brown
Space TV Ryan Bennett
Spellboda Jo Clarke
Star Student Danny Galvin, Brad Pike
Station 53 Rebecca Potters
Steamboat Willie Returns Robert Szanto
Sunny Boy Josh Jonathan
Super-Duper Weenie Mitchell P. Ganem
Symphony Rodrigo Carvalhedo
Taro: Legend of Japan Blue Spruell
Techies - Pilot - Plebeian Blues Kevin Minke
The 7 Steve Ronaldson
The Ballboy David Seth Cohen, Shai Kushner, Josh Hyman
The Circus Gates Ann Lapine
The Crossroads Kalos Chu
The Explorer's Club Garrett Rowe, Joe Varkle
The Gayborhood Lucia Towers, Nicole Ledoux
The Glam Reaper Alexandra Cottle
The Junior Detectives Sydney "Sydney-Gene" Pawlak
The Last Heavy Metal Wizard Jordan Prescott, Matt Tribble
The Legend of Shitface Juan Topete
The Mask of Haliya Kaitlyn Fae
The Night Light Chronicles Will Neisen
The One They Call the Fighter Joshua Scammell
The Reindeer Games Dan Wilson, Aubrey Hubbell
The Steins pilot: "First Day" Melanie Reilly
The Talekeeper Judith Feldman
The Talking Pelican Daniel Padbury
The Unintelligible Devils of Negligible Evil Henry Lamb
The Union AJ Currie
Time Janitors Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
To Be Great Andréanne Milette
Todd Peters: Vampire Superhero Adam Pica
Tooson CHRISTIANE Granha-Self
Tooth Michael Lee
Tooth Ferē Dre Higginbotham
Under the Bed Mackenzie Sammeth
Untitled Animated Space Trash Comedy Quincy Cho
Verducci: The Museum on Mars Veru Narula, Daniel Kulhman
Vic & Patti Go To Eden Rodolfo Salas
Villain Era Simone Gerber
Wanted Duane Piedmont
Why Me? Sam Buckner III
Wrong Herd Kevin Eis
Yard Story Margina Sisson
Yava! Tevin Houle
Yo Ho Ho! Jack Flynn, Charlotte Lobdell

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