100 Magical and Mystic Location Ideas for Your Fantasy Stories

Can't come up with location ideas for your fantasy epic? This huge list should help!
by Ken Miyamoto on November 22, 2023

Ah, fair wanderer of distant realms! Thou seeketh to weave a tale of fantasy, yet find thyself adrift in a sea of choices of realms in which to place thy characters? 'Tis quite a quandary, yet fear not, for we, the guardians of lore, shall aid thee in thy quest. Not only have we come up with 100 location ideas for you to use in your next fantasy story, but we also share some fantasy writing tips at the end for when you get that location locked!


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100 Magical and Mystic Location Ideas for Your Fantasy Stories

  1. Enchanted Forest: A sprawling woodland where trees whisper ancient secrets.
  2. Hidden Waterfall: A secluded cascade concealed behind a shimmering veil of illusion.
  3. Mystic Library: A vast repository of otherworldly knowledge guarded by sentient books.
  4. Dragon's Lair: A cavernous home to a colossal, slumbering dragon.
  5. Fairy Village: A charming settlement inhabited by tiny, mischievous fairies.
  6. Haunted Castle: A spectral fortress filled with restless, ghostly inhabitants.
  7. Underwater City: An illuminated metropolis beneath the ocean's depths.
  8. Floating Islands: A realm of floating landmasses suspended in the sky.
  9. Celestial Realm: A realm bathed in divine light and inhabited by celestial beings.
  10. Lost Temple: An ancient temple concealed in a dense jungle, holding untold treasures.
  11. Witch's Cottage: A crooked, mysterious dwelling surrounded by enchanted herbs.
  12. Enchanted Garden: A flourishing garden filled with magical, sentient plants.
  13. Dark Abyss: A seemingly bottomless chasm shrouded in darkness.
  14. Crystal Caves: A labyrinthine system of caves adorned with luminescent crystals.
  15. Elven Kingdom: An elegant realm ruled by noble and immortal elves.
  16. Dwarven Mines: Underground tunnels where dwarves mine precious gemstones.
  17. Pirate Cove: A hidden haven for swashbuckling pirates and their treasure.
  18. Ghost Ship: A spectral vessel crewed by ghostly sailors sailing eternally.
  19. Timeless Realm: A place where time stands still, frozen in eternal beauty.
  20. Wonderland: A surreal landscape filled with whimsical and absurd wonders.
  21. Mythical Mountain: A towering peak said to be the home of mythical creatures.
  22. Elemental Plane: A realm where the elements take on sentient forms and powers.
  23. Unicorn Meadows: Fields where graceful unicorns roam freely.
  24. Goblin Market: A chaotic bazaar run by cunning goblins selling magical wares.
  25. Steampunk City: A technologically advanced city with a Victorian aesthetic.
  26. Cloud City: A metropolis suspended in the clouds accessible by airships.
  27. Astral Observatory: A tower where seers gaze into the astral plane.
  28. Gnome Workshop: A bustling factory where gnomes invent fantastical gadgets.
  29. Labyrinth: A maze filled with twists, turns, and perplexing puzzles.
  30. Magic Bazaar: A marketplace overflowing with enchanted trinkets and artifacts.
  31. Rainbow Bridge: A radiant arch connecting different realms.
  32. Sunken Ruins: The remnants of a once-mighty civilization beneath the sea.
  33. Underworld: A realm ruled by dark deities and inhabited by the deceased.
  34. Shadowy Forest: A forest cloaked in eternal night and inhabited by shadowy creatures.
  35. Sorcerer's Tower: A towering structure where a powerful sorcerer resides.
  36. Ice Palace: A palace made of ice and snow.
  37. Dream Realm: A surreal realm where dreams come to life.
  38. Goblin Kingdom: A mischievous kingdom ruled by cunning goblin royalty.
  39. Crystal Coast: A stunning coastline adorned with iridescent gemstones.
  40. Haunted Marsh: A desolate and ghostly marshland.
  41. Witch's Cauldron Room: A room with a bubbling cauldron said to grant potent magical brews.
  42. Firefly Forest: A forest where fireflies light up the night with their glow.
  43. Starfall Lake: A serene lake under a constant meteor shower.
  44. Hidden Valley: A secluded valley with a serene and mystical ambiance.
  45. Vampire Castle: A foreboding castle inhabited by ancient vampire lords.
  46. Mysterious Well: A well said to reveal glimpses of the past and future to those who peer into it.
  47. Forgotten Ruins: Crumbling remains of a once-great civilization.
  48. Enchanted Waterfall: A waterfall with the power to purify and heal.
  49. Fairy Ring: A circle of mushrooms where fairies gather to dance and celebrate.
  50. Cosmic Wormhole: A portal to the far reaches of the cosmos and beyond.
  51. Cloud Castle: A fortress floating amidst the clouds, home to skyward adventurers.
  52. Troll Bridge: A bridge guarded by trolls, demanding a toll from travelers.
  53. Spirit Sanctuary: A haven where spirits of the departed find peace and rest.
  54. Dragon's Nest: A safe haven for dragon eggs and their young.
  55. Eternal Garden: A garden where time has no effect.
  56. Dreamcatcher Grove: A grove where dreamcatchers capture and store dreams.
  57. Elemental Sanctuary: A sanctuary where elemental beings find refuge.
  58. Moonlit Grotto: A subterranean cavern bathed in the ethereal light of the moon.
  59. Underworld Abyss: A chasm leading to the deepest, darkest depths of the underworld.
  60. Cursed Swamp: A creepy swamp home to cursed beings.
  61. Steampunk Airship: A fantastical flying vessel powered by steam and gears.
  62. Time-Warp Tavern: A tavern where time travelers gather to swap tales.
  63. Floating Gardens: Gardens suspended in the sky, nurtured by air and magic.
  64. Lost Shipwreck: The remnants of a ship lost to time, holding forgotten treasures.
  65. Clockwork Village: A community where clockwork automatons coexist with magic.
  66. Nightmare Realm: A nightmarish dimension where fears and terrors manifest.
  67. Witch's Labyrinth: A twisting maze filled with magical traps and challenges.
  68. Star-gazing Grove: A tranquil grove illuminated by the light of countless stars.
  69. Magical Market: A bustling market where magical goods and creatures are sold.
  70. Crystal Spire: A towering spire made of crystalline material.
  71. Haunted Manor: A mansion haunted by restless spirits and poltergeists.
  72. Fire Elemental Forge: A forge where fire elementals craft fiery weapons.
  73. Mermaid Lagoon: A vibrant underwater lagoon inhabited by merfolk.
  74. Gnomish Workshop: A lively workshop where gnomes tinker with fantastic inventions.
  75. Lost Oasis: An oasis hidden deep within a desert, holding hidden wonders.
  76. Wizard's Academy: A prestigious school of magic where wizards are trained.
  77. Celestial Gauntlet: A place connecting different celestial realms.
  78. Serene Glade: A serene glade where the boundary between realms is thin.
  79. Forbidden Tomb: A tomb filled with ancient curses, traps, and treasures.
  80. Space Nexus: A place in the stars where all galaxies converge.
  81. Hidden Waterways: Subterranean rivers and water passages hidden from sight.
  82. Elven Enclave: A secluded and mystical enclave of elven culture.
  83. Underworld Citadel: A citadel deep within the underworld, home to dark powers.
  84. Moonstone Quarry: A quarry where precious moonstones are harvested.
  85. Dreamcatcher Trees: Trees where dreamcatchers grow, capturing the dreams of the forest.
  86. Goblin Tunnels: A network of underground tunnels and caverns inhabited by goblins.
  87. Enchanted Treetops: Canopy of an enchanted forest where treetop dwellings are built.
  88. Abyssal Depths: The deepest, darkest, and most treacherous part of the abyss.
  89. Crystalline Caverns: A series of interconnected caverns adorned with shining crystals.
  90. Whispering Pines: A tranquil forest where the pine trees whisper secrets.
  91. Stargazing Ridge: A ridge that experiences frequent meteor showers.
  92. Dragon's Roost: A mountaintop lair where dragons dwell and guard their hoard.
  93. Isle of Echoes: An island known for echoing whispers and eerie sounds.
  94. Monolith Structure: A monolithic black structure with mysterious powers.
  95. Elemental Portal: A convergence point for elemental forces and magic.
  96. Haunted Sea Passage: A narrow sea passage known for its eerie, haunting sounds.
  97. Enchanted Tides: A coastal area where the tides are influenced by magic.
  98. Ethereal Castle: A castle that materializes and dematerializes in the ethereal plane.
  99. Shifting Sands Dunes: A desert where the sands are in constant motion, hiding ancient relics.
  100. Ancient Observatory: A centuries-old observatory with mystical stargazing abilities.

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100 Magical and Mystic Location Ideas for Your Fantasy Stories_wizard of oz

'The Wizard of Oz'

Writing Fantasy Stories

The fantasy story genre incorporates magic and other supernatural elements into its core narrative, themes, and backdrop. Numerous books, series, and films within this genre are set in fictitious realms where magic and mystical beings are prevalent. And those beings usually populate different worlds far from the reality of our own. 

Consider the vast universes of franchises like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. All serve as prime illustrations of magical and mystical adventures that transport audiences and readers to awe-inspiring new worlds. 

The Different Kinds of Fantasy Subgenres

The fantasy genre has a number of subgenres that can dictate the kind of location or setting within fantasy stories. The most prevalent fantasy subgenres include: 

  1. Sword and Sorcery
  2. Fairy Tales 
  3. Science Fantasy      
100 Magical and Mystic Location Ideas for Your Fantasy Stories_avatar


Sword and Sorcery

Films such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings serve as excellent illustrations of the sword and sorcery subgenre by seamlessly integrating both the sword and sorcery components. These fantasy stories involve the art of swordsmanship, interwoven with enchantment harnessed by a diverse array of mystical figures, including warlocks, shamans, and wizards.

Fairy Tales

Fantasy stories like The Princess Bride, Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth, Legend, and Into the Woods either derive from classic fairy tales and literature or are deeply influenced and inspired by timeless fairy tale narratives.

Science Fantasy

Within this particular sub-genre, the emphasis pivots away from scientific principles (ala Science Fiction) leaning more heavily into the realms of fantasy, yet maintaining a distinct association with the science fiction genre. The Star Wars franchise of movies, series, and books undoubtedly stands as the most prominent illustration. The latest Dune franchise falls into the subgenre as well. The subgenre incorporates fantastical components, such as the mystical Force and other enigmatic dimensions, and weaves a unique tapestry where the hard science of science fiction meets the enchanting allure of fantasy.

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100 Magical and Mystic Location Ideas for Your Fantasy Stories_pan's labyrinth

'Pan's Labyrinth'

What’s So Important About Location in Fantasy Stories?

Building a fantasy world is all about location, location, location. Yes, you can use the real world as a setting for a fantasy story. However, most readers and audiences want to be taken to different worlds that they have either never seen, or want to visit familiar fantasy settings full of castles, forests, mountains, and other go-to fantasy tropes. 

To best create your fantasy story, you need to establish one or more settings within the fantasy world you've envisioned. 

  • It could entail a fantastical village, town, or city. 
  • It could unfurl across a sprawling continent or territory, serving as the backdrop for the hero's epic odyssey.
  • In more expansive tales, it may even encompass an entire galaxy or cosmos, providing a cosmic stage upon which the story unfolds.

To get your fantasy creative juices flowing, here we present one hundred magical and mystic location prompts for your fantasy stories — prevalent in fantasy books, fairy tales, roleplaying games, video games, series, movies, and the imagination.   

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Ken Miyamoto has worked in the film industry for nearly two decades, most notably as a studio liaison for Sony Studios and then as a script reader and story analyst for Sony Pictures.

He has many studio meetings under his belt as a produced screenwriter, meeting with the likes of Sony, Dreamworks, Universal, Disney, Warner Brothers, as well as many production and management companies. He has had a previous development deal with Lionsgate, as well as multiple writing assignments, including the produced miniseries Blackout, starring Anne Heche, Sean Patrick Flanery, Billy Zane, James Brolin, Haylie Duff, Brian Bloom, Eric La Salle, and Bruce Boxleitner, the feature thriller Hunter’s Creed, and many Lifetime thrillers. Follow Ken on Twitter @KenMovies and Instagram @KenMovies76

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