Want to write a screenplay?

We’ll guide you every step of the way, with daily assignments and advice from Hollywood’s top screenwriters.

You’ll need to dedicate at least one hour per day. We’ll provide you with exactly what you need to create a finished script every step of the way. All you need to bring is an openness to learn and a passion for storytelling. You don’t even need to have an idea or premise yet.

We recommend signing up for these courses one-at-a-time; please complete each course before signing up for the next one.

What you’ll learn:

 How to choose a good premise

 How to format your screenplay according to industry standards

 How to build your characters

 How to build your plot and combine outlines

 How to use the “System of Passes” to polish your final draft

Write Your Screenplay in 60 Days
Price: $49


Write Your TV Drama Pilot in 45 Days
Price: $49

Write Your TV Comedy Pilot in 30 Days
Price: $49

Develop Your Comedy Movie Idea in 15 Days
Price: Free

Develop Your Drama Movie Idea in 15 Days
Price: Free

Develop Your Horror Movie Idea in 15 Days
Price: Free

Develop Your Scifi Movie Idea in 15 Days
Price: Free

Develop Your Action & Adventure Movie Idea in 15 Days
Price: Free

Write Your Short Film in 7 Days
Price: Free

Market Your Screenplay in 10 Steps
Price: $49

ScreenCraft Masterclass Video Series

As a young journalist, I thought that stories were simply what happened. As a screenwriter, I realized that we create stories by imposing narrative on the events that happen around us.

Nora EphronWhen Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia


“I completed my pilot well under the 45 days and (between you and me) this plotting method helped me to produce a brilliant story with real character conflict.”

– Rachel Attwood


“ScreenCraft is an amazing organization.”

– James V. Hart (award-winning screenwriter of HOOK, directed by Steven Spielberg, DRACULA, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and CONTACT, directed by Robert Zemeckis).


“ScreenCraft catapulted my career years ahead of even my most optimistic expectations… [and] has helped me land top-tier representation and put me in a position to pitch projects to major studios.”

– Robert Haffey (screenwriter)


Hey ScreenCraft, I did it! I completed the ‘Screenplay in 60 days’ online course and completed it in time …..technically I did it in 59 days as I doubled up one day! Thanks to the course and WriterDuet I have a completed draft. Previously I’ve struggled to keep myself motivated when writing features – I ended up with beginnings of scripts or great concepts but no real place to start. I now know exactly how to start, how to keep going and how to re-draft! It’s exciting stuff! Thanks again for the opportunity. I will highly recommend this course and WriterDuet.

– Summer G.K.


Okay, so I’ve done McKee’s bootcamp, done top screenwriting graduate school work, ScreenwritingU… Won a couple of big screenwriting contests, but for whatever reason, your 45-day online class has worked magic. Was I just ready for the message? Is it just a manageable format to undertake? Some of both? I don’t know, but I am one happy camper. I have been messing with this script idea for about two years, then I complete something MUCH DIFFERENT in 45 days. Thank you!!

– Craig P


"I signed up for this course, because I've always wanted to write a feature script. The screenplay in 60 days course helped push me and my script idea forward. Although I didn't write every single day like I should have, it helped me move closer to a finished script! Thanks to this course I have completed my first script!"

- Charlie L.


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating the "TV Drama Pilot in 45 Days" course. This was the best investment I've ever made as a writer! I'm on Day 17 and have learned so much more about my pilot (I scrapped the old one altogether!) I've written the teaser and am in Act One still, but the daily lessons keep me focused and encourages me to go deeper with my characters and their journeys. I'm so excited about the possibilities of this story that I don't know what to do with myself (the series is set during the Great Depression). I also like the fact that the lessons arrive in my inbox at around the same time every morning. I'm up at 6am writing and then when I see the lesson, I'm ready to go! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have a great day!"

- LaChris J.